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HI everyone,

School is over and everyone is enjoying the nice holidays. As you may know every year Edublogs has awards for best student blog class blog etc. This year I am a finalist in the best student blog. This is very amazing as so many people vote each year. This is entirely based on votes. As my readers it would be much appreciated if you could vote to show your support. I would like to thank you for taking time to read my blog and empowering with your wonderful comments. Here is the link to vote:

I am in the best student blog category. the links are in alphabetical order so i will be up the top since my blog url starts with b. My url is just in case.

Thanks again for being so supportive this year!

Caitlin 🙂

Ending the year on the high

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe we are coming to the end of the year. It has been so strange to pack everything up and collect books to take home. I would like to take a moment to thank the girls and boys who have commented on my blog post. It has been really nice to receive wonderful comments from people. I would also like to thank my teacher Mrs Thomas who guided us throughout year with blogging tips. Anyway we have been asked to write about the highlights of year 6. Where do I begin. Should I start with Canberra or the walk for water? Maybe I should talk about the student blogging challenge or party day? How about the leadership roles or the talent show? So many things to talk about so what do i do? Should I write about the many friendships and how we have grown? Maybe it should be about the boring topics in maths or the amazing opportunities we have with technology? So many things to talk about, so where do I begin?

Its too bad I can’t talk about everything! And I probably have covered everything in my questions! But I would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and I bless everyone for the new year. Thank you everyone who has helped me during my hard journey of Junior School!

Till next time


Leaving the Junior School Nest and Flying High

Hi Everyone,

On Tuesday both year 6 classes joined together for our year 6 graduation assembly and dinner. It was a touching day as we sang a item and received our graduation certificates at the assembly. All our parents were there as well as the rest of the junior school. It was so beautiful when they showed all the photos from kindy to year 6. It was so nice to see myself from kindy to year 6 like a few other girls. Others came in different years so they saw the difference from when they came to year 6.

Finally the girls sang to us, they sang the song may god bless you. It was so sweet as the young girls sang to send us off to high school. After the assembly it was quick goodbyes and girls rushing off to get hair and makeup done for the dinner. finally back at school all the girls were dressed up in nice dresses with there hair done. Even the teachers looked nice!

During the dinner we had speeches, a wonderful meal and who couldn’t forget the amazing dancing and singing. it was so funny when we got into a circle and danced to watch me whip/watch me nae nae. It was a great night that will always stay in my memory.

Thanks for a great night year 6 and I hope to see you next year!

Caitlin 🙂

Count 3 commenting style – Week 8 Student Blogging Challenge

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe the year is ending so fast. We are starting to pack away our work and take home the bits and bobs that we don’t need to do. The vibe of ending the years is everywhere. It is a bit strange I mean next year i will be in year 7. Anyway this is Week 8 of the student blogging challenge I hope you enjoy.

This week we are playing a game with our blogs and commenting. As you see I have put on the right a blogroll. The funny part is you don’t know which blog you are clicking on until you actually press it. This is on purpose has I have found people actually judge by what the blogger thinks when they add that they like this blog is good because the author  is my friend. Anyway here are the links to the blogs I visited, they also go to the post I was looking at.

Thats all for now, sorry I couldn’t do many more but my computer doesn’t respond to some of them!

Caitlin 🙂


Nature talk – Week 7 Student Blogging Challenge

Hi Everyone,

This week the challenge is to write about something to do with nature. At first I was quite confused with this topic as I not a “tree hugger”.  Looking closer I realised I could write about stars and planets. This was interesting as in class we have been looking at our solar system.

Stars and Planets can be a very tricky topic to understand. Lots of people still wonder about the mysterious and questions we ask about our solar system. We are though very fortunate to be living in this era as we have all the past information from past people like Hubble or Galileo.

Anyway for this I have made a poem. I hope you like it.

Stars and Planets 

As I looked up into the night sky

And see the shooting stars pass by 

I wonder what the universe holds 

and the secrets about it that have been untold. 

I wonder if aliens have roamed a planet

or if clouds are as soft as a blanket?

I wonder if there is water on Mars 

or why there are so many stars? 

I know people have pondered 

about these amazing wonders 

So as I look up into the night sky

and see the shooting stars pass by

I think of the questions I have asked  

And hope one day they will be passed 

to the future generations who will give it a go 

and hopefully let me know 

so I can ask some more questions 

and even make some suggestions. 


Thats all for now

Caitlin 🙂






Go Visiting – Week 6 Student Blogging Challenge

Hi Everyone,

This week we are meant to visit some other blogs and write comments on them. Here are some of blogs I visited with the post link below:

I recommend that you see these blogs.

Caitlin 🙂

Foods around the world – Week 5 Student Blogging Challenge

Hi Everyone,

This is week 5 of the student blogging challenge! This weeks them is foods from around the world. As you know there are many different types of food around the world in different countries. In Australia we are very fortunate to be unlimited to different type of foods. I hope you enjoy this weeks post.

Activity 1. Write a post about a popular food from your country!

In Australia there are many foods that Aussies love a lot. One very famous treat in Australia as well as one of my favourites is Lamingtons.

Lamingtons has chocolate, sponge cake and coconut shavings. You can also ahev cream or jelly in the centre depending on which type of lamington you like. I love lamgintons has they are sweet but not sickly sweet and it also taste a bit like sponge cake! You can also eat them anytime of the year!

Here is a photo:


From creative commons, all rights go to the people who made them.


Activity 2 – Create a poll and add it onto the post.


I made this poll using poll – maker. This is a anonymous poll so no one will know what you have voted for.  The results will be posted next week. Please answer honestly…

What type of food do you eat?

Fast Food
Fruits and Vegetables

Quiz Maker


Till next time


Caitlin 🙂

Fish – Printed Style

Hi Everyone,

During the course of this term, we have been taking part in the Global Read Aloud, buts thats for another post! Well the book features a fish that changes colour and size depending on the mood. 6T got inspired by this and decided we would create are own fish. Though we weren’t doing the old draw and paint. We got to learn about a technique called Printing. This required ink, different coloured paper and rollers. We had a look at some fish artworks that had been created with ink. With the inspiration we then set of to do some drawings of fish, keeping in mind that the fish had to look real and not cartoon like.

Once doing that we set onto are next task which was experimenting with a foam board. This was great fun as we got to see how hard we could push and not make hole into the foam. After doing some test it was time to draw on the real foam. We had to trace the outline of the fish onto the foam pieces After waiting until most people were finished it was time for the ink. The process of inking , pushing onto the paper then peeling. We tested about three times and the printing was done. Here are some of my printings and well as my board

FullSizeRender 28



Caitlin G

Celebrating with a scary twist – Student Blogging Challenge Week 4

Hi Everyone,

As you know Halloween is coming around and I  think everyone is very excited! Shops are filling with costumes and houses are getting decorated, there is no doubt that the spooky vibe is in the air! This week the theme in the challenge is Halloween but we have to think of ways to add it to our blog.

Activity one – Decorate your blog!

We have been assigned to make our blog spooky and Halloween themed. As you can see I have added the monster theme on my blog. This theme is so cool and has a lot to do with Halloween.

Activity  Two – Write a spooky poem or story


This story is completely made up and has nothing to do  with any story you may know. This story was told to me by my friend Sophie who is also doing the student blogging challenge. The story is quite gruesome and is recommended 11 years and up.

Five Fingers 

A very long time ago, there was a happy family. They were very lucky and always out of harms way. One day, this family went to the circus and had a wonderful time. At the gift store, the child was so excited to find a clown with five fingers up as he just had turned five yesterday. The family happily bought the toy, but as they bought the toy, the strange shopkeeper warned them that the clown could do strange things and that they have been warned.

The family thought nothing of the warning and took the doll home. While mother happily smiled at the giddy child playing with the clown  something quite peculiar happened. The doll had a twinkle in its eyes and a strange smile to scare anyone who saw it. The mother shrugged it off and quickly went up stairs to collect something, but then a blood curling scream came from the child and the mother quickly ran downstairs to find the child being strangled by the clown! As the mother tried to pull the clown away from the child she saw her dying son laying on the floor! The strangest thing of all though, was when the clown was pulled away from the child he was holding 6 fingers up instead of five!

Can you figure out why the clown was now holding six fingers instead of five?

Comment below your answer and next week I will add the correct answers below!

Till next time…

Caitlin 🙂


Walk For Water – Raising Money for Tear

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe this is the last term of Year 6! I am super pumped to go to High School but also a bit nervous. For the last term, Year 6 is doing a charity walk. We are doing ‘Walk for Water’ which is walking eight kilometres with 20 kilos on our backs. This is raising money for the Tear Fund in which we will buy a water product. The walking is to experience how children in undeveloped countries walk to get water. We as a class, are trying to make a difference in our world and help people who are less fortunate than us experience some of the nice things we get to have everyday and take for granted.

As well as doing this, I thought it would be good to raise awareness about the Tear Fund. The Tear Fund is a charity that you can buy gifts for people in Africa and other countries in need. Gifts such as live chickens and goats are just some of the gifts that Tear Fund charity provides villagers in need.  A link below will direct you to the useful gift website. Donations as little as $5 can go such a long way. For example, consider donating a small amount of your own pocket money or part of your birthday money to someone who is less privileged than you. 

Till next time…

Caitlin 🙂

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