Images Speak A Thousand Words – Week 3 Student Blogging Challenge

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to the people who have commented on my student blogging challenge post. This week is all about images and how they can really help enhance a post. This week is more of a challenge as there is more than one activities. I hope you enjoy this week!

Caitlin ūüôā


Activity One – Favourite Time With Your Family.

Last year I went on a really fun holiday with my family to the USA. We visited two places included San Francisco and Deer Valley, Utah. I really enjoyed Deer Valley as I got to spend lots of time with my family. We also got to ski together and enjoy playing card games and eating. It was also nice how we got to discover the mountain together and see knew things. I really liked though when My parents picked us up and we skied down the final run to go home. Dad and my brother would be right at the right while I would be trying to catch up to the, and my mum would be at the back trying to ski slowly.

These special memories were amazing and irreplaceable, and would always be in my mind. But on the last day, we did this formal photography  session where they took lots of photos. I bought a mug with my picture on it as well as some other things. A special photo though we bought was a big picture of my family. Here is the soft copy of it:




I had lots of fun and wouldn’t change anything!

Activity two Р write a post about a person who has past away who was close to you.

This I find this post A bit strange as I thought I would never right about A person who has passed away on my blog. In my family I have had no family members who have passed away. Though earlier  this year my next door neighbour passed away.

You may think that a next door neighbour isn’t has important as family but My next door neighbour was extremely special to me and could’ve been my second grandfather. Nunizo was like family to me. HE knew me ever since I was born and always greeted me with a big smile whenever I came over. When I was in kindergarten i use to love to play throw and catch with my brother, but that meant that the ball went over the fence a lot. One time we were playing with my favourite ball and it went over. it was late though, so I couldn’t go get it that day. But the worst thing was the neighbours were away and I couldn’t go over for a whole week. I was so sad that week and nothing could cheer me up. On the day though when they got back I was walking wiht my mum to go to the park when I saw Nunizo sitting on the porch holding a small thing in his hand.

“Bella, Come here!” he yelled happily as I walked towards him. (he calls me Bella as that means beautiful in Italian)

“what is it, Nunizo?” I reply. I look into his hands and find he is holding my ball. The one I had thrown over the fence. I couldn’t be more happier.

This memory is just one of the memories I have of Nunizo. He always would remember my¬†birthday and he always was kind and filled with joy. These days I still think he is still here and sometimes I can here him calling me name over the fence. Nunizo left behind his wife and two children, as well as a second family of friends who loved him dearly. ¬†I will never forget him. I know we are meant to have a picture but I don’t feel comfortable putting a picture up.

Activity 3 – ask a relative to write about their parents/grandparents.

For this activity I have interviewed my mum, who ash told me a bit about her life as well as something that happened before I was born,

Question one: Where were you born?

I was born in India but moved here and became an Australian citizen when I was 14. 

Question two: Why did you leave India? 

My father wanted to provide more for my brother and I and he believed that Australia was a good place to move. 

Question three: Was it hard to transition from India to Australia?   

In some ways it was hard as Australia had different traditions than india. It was though good not to have a language barrier as I already knew how to speak english. Moving aways from my hometown at 14 also was good as I was into high school and was already familiar with the set out of high school.

I think my mum was very brave for doing this.

Thats all for now. Till next time…


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  1. Miss W.
    October 25, 2015 at 1:42 pm (7 years ago)

    What a great post and thanks for explaining about feeling uncomfortable putting images on the post. Nunizo sounds like a great neighbour to have and I agree with you that your mum was brave when moving from India, but I am sure her parents might have had more difficulties than she did settling into a new country different to India.

    PS You only have to do one activity each week if you want. You might want to do another one later in the year when the challenge isn’t on.

  2. 6jacquelineg
    November 4, 2015 at 1:13 pm (7 years ago)

    Dear Caitlin,
    I love your post. I saw that you are from Australia and I thought that’s really cool. I was wondering what foods are popular near you?


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